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Expanding Your Business Mean Expanding Your Outreach

There are thousands of businesses that are not doing enough to get their name out and into the public
eye. For this reason we look at effective yet unorthodox methods of drumming up customers and raising
profit margins. For many we realize that it usually takes money to make money and with a business
it takes reinvesting that money to make money. We have seen many individuals taking wrong routes
and spending too much income on indirect marketing techniques. This coupled with lacking a risk
is a good way to close your doors down. Marketing can be done for cheap and reinvigorate
sales performance with today’s social marketing. A great way to start is by giving your company a
new face that is up to date and has the ability to show what your company is made of and this can
be done with a logo design. A logo design will create what is needed and can be done effectively and
inexpensively. Up and coming graphics designers need to build up a portfolio and are usually starving so
$50 dollars might save you thousands on a professional logo design.

Raising Capital and Moral

Many business owners simply don’t know where to turn in order to raise capital and therefore try to
run their businesses off of credit cards which is a good way to go into debt. A way to achieve credit and
capital is through a credit union. Credit unions can offer very low rates and if you have served with the
armed forces then you can go through a military branch credit union such as the marine federal credit
that is FDIC backed yet can offer you a low interest rate. This can make a huge difference in how
much in expenditures you pay. Instead of continually being hit with credit card fees you can consolidate
all your expenses and invest in product or marketing.

Self Employed and Healthcare Costs

There has long be a continuing fight with business owners and insurance companies as the owner
doesn’t have the ability to achieve a low insurance rate that a corporation could and if you have any pre-
existing conditions then you can be in a world of financial hurt. There are ways around this issue some
state have self-employed healthcare coverage that is usually very inexpensive. This coupled with free
coverage can save you thousands of dollars a year. So take the time to do your research and see
what all is out there because it can save you thousands and possibly save your business. These are just a
few examples but the gist of this article is to show you how to look into the unordinary ways in order to
achieve your results better and cheaper.